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Want to give Kolab a quick try with minimal effort and installation? Check out our Try Kolab page.

Download & Install a Kolab Server

The Kolab Server is available in different versions and flavors for download. It is also available natively in various GNU/Linux distributions through your regular software management system. Kolab Systems is working with all distributions to the extent these allow in order to make sure the best and most useful packages are always available. In the meantime for some distributions you can also choose installation options provided by Kolab Systems:

  • Kolab Server 3.0

Recommended installation path: Native packages on Enterprise Linux. Please follow the complete installation instructions on

  • Kolab Server 2.4 (DEPRECATED)

Recommended installation path: Native packages on Enterprise Linux. Please follow the quick install instructions on or the complete installation instructions on

Note: Because there is no transition path from OpenPKG to native packaging, there is no upgrade path from earlier releases. If  you're already running an older server, you will need to reinstall and migrate your data.

  • Kolab Server 2.3  (DEPRECATED)

Recommended installation path: OpenPKG Distribution

Note: Please note that due to OpenPKG having been discontinued as a Free Software solution, and due to an emphasis on native packaging since 2010, this branch of packages has been pending deprecation since December 2010, and been officially discontinued since December 2011. We cannot promise updates for this branch anymore, even though we know that quite some people are still using it. Upgrade to Kolab Server 2.4 is strongly recommended.

None of the community versions is suggested to be fit for production by Kolab System, and there is no warranty of any kind, including for lost data or damages to your system(s).

The reference platform for releases is Enterprise Linux, so the Fedora, RHEL, CentOS family, which we would recommend if you want to be as close as possible to where things become available first.

Another source for information on how to get a Kolab server up and running is the Kolab Community Wiki.

Download & Install Kolab Clients

There is a large number of clients that can be connected to a Kolab server. All of these are available as native packages in most GNU/Linux distibutions.

Please see the client section on the Try Kolab page for more information.

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