Kolab Systems is excited to announce a new major version of the Kolab Groupware Solution. Six years have passed since the last major release. Today, the investment into the Kolab technology bears fruit: The first alpha version of a brand new Kolab Server was released alongside with version 0.8 of the Kolab web client Roundcube.

The Kolab Groupware solution now integrates better into existing user directory setups. Security as well as scalability has been improved. It is now possible to scale all functional components of Kolab separately. The Web Client has a new visually pleasing skin and prepared for ownCloud integration. Also, there is a new unified command line utility for administrative tasks and an improved web based administration front-end.

"Here at Kolab Systems we are all very excited about this release. The Community and we have worked very hard the last months to get this release out of the door." says Torsten Grote the new Evangelist at Kolab Systems. "I'm especially proud that we managed to build such great technology while keeping it 100% Free Software." he continues.

Today's alpha release is meant for testers and early adopters and is explicitly not intended for use in production environments. Thanks to native packages, it can be used as a rolling release. This way, users effortlessly stay close to the latest development, do not have to manually upgrade to coming releases, and receive bug fixes immediately. Once Kolab 3.0 is matured and stable, enterprise packages of certified Kolab can be obtained from Kolab Systems.

More technical details and screenshots are available on kolab.org

About Kolab Systems

Founded in Zürich in 2010, Kolab Systems AG is the global leader in Kolab Technology. Together with its partners in the Kolab Enterprise Community, Kolab Systems provides quality assurance, integration, support, training, certification of individuals and third-party products, as well as ongoing development for the Kolab Groupware Solution. The strong partnering model and a highly competent enterprise community provides users of the Kolab Groupware Solution with the right level of professional consulting, support and warranties to enable productivity and collaboration.

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