Today's final release of 3.1 brings file cloud and native support for a great number of platforms including Mac OS X. The development is moving on to 3.2 and Kolab Systems announces Kolab Enterprise 13 as the future of secure collaboration. 3.1 is the latest release developed to the largest extent by Kolab Systems, a leading Swiss Open Source ISV for collaboration technologies. It is also the first version to already contain lots of technology that has been proven and supported through, the world's leading privacy centric collaboration and alternative to email services such as Lavabit and Silent Circle according to Techcrunch, Gizmodo and others.

“Kolab provided the answer since 2002, but until a short while ago only a few people understood the question. Thanks to PRISM that is now changing. Secure communication via email and other protocols, as well as secure collaboration across a multitude of platforms with all features is not a luxury, it is a necessity,” explains Georg Greve, CEO of Kolab Systems. “And this isn't really a technical issue, it is legal and social. Ladar Levinson said we need 1,000 Lavabits all around the world. Technical criticisms aside: that was not really possible due to the proprietary business model behind Lavabit. Kolab on the other hand is born free from proprietary legacy. It's also free from ties to the United States or its closest allies.”

This very same technology that runs is already available today for a wide spectrum of features, including email, calendaring, tasks and file cloud. Through Kolab Enterprise this will be available with five years of guaranteed updates, professional support and a whole host of additional features including the most powerful SSL/TLS setup including Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS). The upgrade path is always protected and Service Level Agreements (SLA) as well as guaranteed access to the technical staff required to solve any issue are part of this package to allow usage of the solution for the most demanding scenarios.

Kolab Enterprise will be released yearly, starting with Kolab Enterprise 13. There will be three product streams, starting with the traditional local installation for a variety of platforms, or for private clouds. For Internet and Application Service Providers (ISP/ASP) Kolab Systems will provide a special edition fully configured for multi-tenant scenarios that includes administration and accounting functionality for easy integration into billing processes. And of course the secure collaboration as a service/cloud offering will be further extended and is also available for value added resellers.

“Kolab customers have all the security and flexibility that our modern world demands,” continues Greve. “A startup could get a couple of accounts as a service via, later decide to move to a local supplier with their own Kolab cloud that adds local trustee services, switch to their locally installed version as they grow and ultimately decide they need the benefits of a secure data legislation such as Switzerland and have Kolab Systems or a partner run this as a dedicated cloud offering for them. All of these steps are fully supported and the freedom to choose between them what model fits your requirements best is always protected.”