Today, the independent software vendor Kolab Systems AG announced a new pricing model. The pricing has been simplified and is now a lot easier to understand for customers interested in the Kolab Groupware Solution. Especially small businesses will find the new prices more attractive, because the base package is now available for 10 users making smaller deployments a lot more affordable.

New in Kolab Systems' portfolio is a special edition for Internet Service Providers that need their groupware solution to scale to millions of users and integrate with existing environments. This version is sold as white-label and comes with special pricing tailored to the needs of ISPs.

A further novelty is that Kolab Systems now also offers assistance to the part of the community that runs unsupported versions of Kolab. Not being customers, these users could until now only get help from each other. Now, there is an option for direct help from the solution's professional developers.

Educational institutions that want to follow the success of the Basel schools and provide their students and staff with Kolab Groupware benefit from the very attractive pricing for the Kolab @ School edition.

For those who want peace of mind ensuring their data is stored outside the reach of spy programs like the NSA's Prism, but do not want to host and maintain an own Kolab Server, Kolab Systems offers a hosted Kolab service at This service is hosted in the secure nation of Switzerland and currently in Beta. It is scheduled to move into production in July. All users who register during the still on-going free beta phase, will receive a discount on the standard prices.