The Open IT Summit is showroom and conference for all aspects of sustainable business by open collaboration. It is the biggest exhibition of Open IT providers in Europe. The conference is full of distinguished speakers that talk about the central Open IT topics such as Cloud, Big Data, Infrastructure, Case Studies, etc. Of course a real Free Software company such as Kolab Systems can not miss this event.

There will be two presentations by Kolab Systems employees: At first, Kolab Systems' CEO Georg Greve will give a keynote (German) titled: "Offene Zukunft: Open Source im Regierungseinsatz". It will be on Wednesday 11am. On the same day, at 14pm Kolab Evangelist Torsten Grote will talk about how Kolab is used by the public schools in Basel, Switzerland. If you happen to be at the Open IT Summit, make sure not to miss those presentation or get in touch with the speakers afterwards.

The Open IT Summit takes place in direct neighborhood to the annual community event LinuxTag where most Free Software initiatives present themselves.