Kolab Systems has successfully completed its restructuring following an investment by Swiss IT security specialist Dreamlab Technologies AG. Dreamlab adds deep security knowledge to Kolab's Open Source Groupware. 

“Kolab first hit my radar in 2002 because of their focus on getting security right,” explains Nicolas Mayencourt. “I was looking for an opportunity to support and further promote this technology. Therefore I am happy that we managed to come to an agreement last year.” Dreamlab's CEO has joined the board of directors at Kolab Systems, bringing with him many years of experience in IT security. As part of the restructuring several of Kolab Systems' key employees also became shareholders in the business.

“We want to assure our customers that their data will be protected by the highest legal and technical standards in data integrity and security,” says Georg Greve, CEO of Kolab Systems. “That is why the business was founded in Switzerland, and why we were looking for an opportunity to strengthen our portfolio in this area. I am glad that we found a Swiss partner with an Open Standard approach that has a strong focus on information security. In developing the new version Kolab 3 we already benefited from the collaboration with security experts.”

The leap in security competency and business connections is another big step for the business that has become the world's leader in Kolab Technologies, initially developed under contract for the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). It also protects the nature of Kolab Systems as an inherently owner-run enterprise with strong focus on Switzerland and Europe. Being a board member of ISECOM, publisher of the renowned Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM) recommended by BSI, Nicolas Mayencourt shares Kolab's approach and philosophy: “Kolab Systems has the two most important assets of any business: ground breaking technology and a truly impressive team that is an inspiration to work with.”

Kolab Systems now offers hardened groupware installations fully based on Open Standards with security audits that employ realistic attack scenarios. Their portfolio also includes information security and privacy consultancy combined with training services to enable true sovereignty for mission critical services.

Georg Greve concludes: "The restucturing of Kolab Systems and the bolstering of our security compentency makes Kolab the first choice for integration and integrity inside and outside the clouds." and Nicolas Mayencourt adds "I am excited we can now provide people with technology and the competency to protect the sovereignty of people, organisations and governments."

About Dreamlab Technologies

Dreamlab Technologies is a leading company in developing and implementing individual solutions for integral security concerning your information, your organizations and your systems. Being a performance oriented and reliable partner, we advise you independently and neutrally, we work objectively verifiable, based on open standards, and we pass on our knowledge in an integral and integrable way.

About Kolab Systems

Kolab Systems AG is an Open Source Independent Software Vendor (ISV) developing, maintaining, supporting and providing a wide range of services around the Kolab Groupware Solution. Fully committed to software freedom and Open Standards, it is the global competency leader and custodian for a process open to community participation. The results of that process reach our customers as a quality assured solution that brings all the benefits of Free Software. Part of a company group that excels in security and cross platform solutions, Kolab Systems is prepared to provide you with the level of mission critical data integrity you deserve.

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