The secure email and groupware service now offers the possibility to pay with Bitcoin. This new crypto-currency recently made the news when its exchange rate broke the $1000 mark.

After the ongoing revelations about the various spy programs, many people have found their privacy asylum in MyKolab which is exclusively hosted in the last safe legislation of Switzerland and more are signing up every day. There were hundreds of requests asking for payments in Bitcoin. It was by far the most requested payment method and there seems to be big demand for payments without ties to governments.

Bitcoin is a peer-to-peer currency that works without a central bank. It enables instant transactions and world wide payments with zero or low processing fees. There is already thousands of business accepting Bitcoin and is now one of them.

"Even though we clearly see the value of and need for Bitcoin, we also do not believe in misleading our customers. So we tell them that contrary to popular believe Bitcoin is not anonymous, but only pseudonymous. It is important to understand that all transactions are stored in an eternal public log." explains Kolab Evangelist Torsten Grote.

"We are happy that our technical team was able to make this much requested functionality available in time for the holidays, so folks can use Bitcoin to give the gift of freedom and privacy to their friends and loved ones." continues Grote.

Along with offering support for Bitcoin, the website and dashboard are now also available in French and German as can be expected of a Swiss service. The webclient is already available in more than 80 languages.