The CEO of Kolab Systems Georg Greve had the opportunity to tell the Kolab Story on In his article, he talks about the beginnings of Kolab and how it was tendered by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI):

In the early 2000s the BSI was in need of a Groupware solution that was suitable to their heightened security requirements—setting standards that many IT professionals are following today. The solution had to be auditable to the core, with an option to build the software in their own controlled environment, with maximum software freedom and as many open standards as could possibly be. To understand how truly visionary this was, just think back to what you were doing around the year 2001, and the discussions that dominated the media in those days.

Then he moves on to the amazing technology, the Kolab Groupware solution is build upon and talks about how a successful business has been built from these foundations. For the full story, please go to