Following their overall Free Software and Open Standards strategy, the public schools in the Swiss city of Basel are providing the Open Source Kolab Groupware Solution to their teachers, students and administrative staff. This enables them to coordinate their work and collaborate as efficiently as possible. The students are learning early to make use of modern information and communication technologies. Markus Bäumler head of the responsible ICT Media department in Basel says "We are delighted to have a Free Software solution that we can deploy for this purpose which reliably meets our professional requirements."

Last week, Kolab Evangelist Torsten Grote presented the case study at Linux Tag and Open-IT Summit in Berlin. He explained how Kolab Systems with their local partner Adfinis SyGroup built a robust and scalable groupware deployment serving 36'000 users on three ordinary servers. "Every child in Basel gets a Kolab account at their first day at school" Grote said.

Now, Kolab Systems AG published further details about the Basel school's use of the Kolab Groupware Solution and Open Source in general on their homepage: