This year's openSUSE Conference takes place in the Greek city of Thessalonki in mid July. The event is centered around the popular operating system, but also deals with broader topics of software freedom and how it affects all of us.

In this area, the CEO of Kolab Systems, Georg Greve, is giving the first keynote "Freedom in the world we live in and the value and importance of communities and Software Freedom". It will be the opening of the event on Friday morning.

An interview with Georg Greve has been published by openSUSE news. It covers the recent revelations regarding the NSA's spy program Prism and how we can bring more freedom to people.

Kolab Systems is very proud to be a sponsor of the openSUSE conference this year. The event will bring together a wide variety of Free Software contributors to share their knowledge and collaborate on one of the major GNU/Linux distributions. The community and many companies that employ SUSE technology need a groupware solution that puts them in control and that works well in the openSUSE ecosystem. The Kolab Groupware Solution does both.

There will be a workshop with Kolab Systems employees and Community contributers that will show how to set up Kolab on openSUSE and how to contribute to the development. The workshop will also give a sneak preview of the upcoming Kolab 3.1.