Kolab Systems offers enterprise collaboration that differentiates itself by being more scalable, heterogeneous and secure. Unlike other solutions which merely aim to replace Microsoft Exchange but reinforce your dependency upon Microsoft Outlook and Windows, we have an offer that goes far beyond that. We are a true Free Software (Open Source) company that uses Open Standards from the interface to the storage layer.

The core of Kolab Enterprise functionality is a mission critical application at the heart of every business: Email, Calendaring, Contacts, Tasks & Files. And because open heart surgery is to be avoided, Kolab Enterprise does not lock you into any particular platform or client, such that you can choose freely in the future which applications, platforms or solutions will best serve your enterprise needs without needing to go through perilous migration scenarios.

Kolab Enterprise

Kolab Enterprise combines email, calendar, contacts, tasks, file storage, data sharing and more, into one convenient package built atop a secure architecture designed to protect your costumers' data. This complete solution, not only integrates desktop and mobile apps, but also the web on top of Roundcube, the world's favorite webmail client, used on more than 500,000 sites by millions of users daily.

We also offer an ISP edition which scales to millions of users and can be integrated in existing environments. This version is sold as white-label and comes with special pricing tailored to the needs of ISPs. Besides an API, it also ships with a special administration and billing module for end customers.

Kolab Webclient that integrates Roundcube

Hosted Kolab: MyKolab

For customers who do not want to run their own Groupware servers, we offer Kolab Enterprise as a service. The servers for this service are exclusively maintained by us and are located in our secure data center in Switzerland. Since this offer is open to end customers, there is a dedicated web site for it.

Kolab Client

Even though Kolab Enterprise comes with a beautiful webclient and works with all kinds of client such as Microsoft Outlook, Mozilla Thunderbird + Lightning and the Mac OS X application, we provide a full-featured Kolab Client to make full use of Kolab's groupware functionality and to be productive also when offline. This client is based on KDE Kontact und runs on Windows, Mac OS X and GNU/Linux.

Kolab Klient on Windows & Linux