Kolab Client

The Kolab client based on KDE Kontact is the only full groupware application that is capable of running on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux as well as tablet and mobile devices with an interface adapted to the touch screen (above).

This creates scenarios in which you deploy full groupware capable tablet PCs in your business. Through our partnership with companies such as Coherent Theory LLC we can offer our larger customers the complete package from very competitively prices Free Software tablets, e.g. the Vivaldi Tablet, to the server and the various desktop applications.

The Kolab client also provides additional features such as RSS feed readers, easy integration mechanisms for external third party sources, e.g. Google Mail & Calendar, or company internal services, such as SugarCRM, turning it into the command & control center for your enterprise. With its uniquely powerful email application with many built in features and use cases. These include multiple identities per folder, editing of attachments within email drafts, full support for cryptography, and many, many more.

Other Clients

Mozilla Thunderbird & Lightning (Sunbird)

A multi platform mail reader with calendar and address book on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux. Very lightweight, but highly extensible this client does not provide the same depth of groupware or even email features as the native Kolab client. It does however provide robust and intuitive usability and is a very good choice for many users who don't need the full capabilities of the native Kolab client. Integrating well with Mozilla Firefox, and integrating well with the Kolab calendars and address books, this client is a popular choice amongst many Kolab users.

Microsoft Outlook

Even though it should not be required to use Microsoft Outlook, sometimes it is inevitable or the best way forward. For these cases, Kolab Systems works with its partners to provide Microsoft Outlook connectors, which it also runs against its client test plan and certifies upon request of the vendors producing the Outlook connectors. Currently such certification is available for Bynari Insight in the combinations Windows XP with Outlook 2007, Windows XP with Outlook 2003, Windows 7 with Outlook 2007, Windows 7 with Outlook 2003, Windows 7 with Outlook 2010 and Windows 7 64bit with Outlook 2010 64bit. Get the full report here.